Monday, October 24, 2016

Mermaid me

Once I heard of the magical places under the sea. I knew I had to visit. So I went to Barnacle Bobs to rent some diving equipment. But Barnacle Bob had a better idea. He said he had a potion to temporarily turn me into a mermaid. He warned that it was addictive.

I took the potion, I didn't expect it to work. But to my amazement it did. The change was very strange feeling. Actually it was a bit painful. But Barnacle Bob assured me those that take it a lot start to enjoy the sensation.

I was surprised my tail matched my bathing suit top. Bob said that some peoples tails change color. I thought that was odd.

My time underwater was amazing. Not only did I explore some amazing places, but I raced in and underwater chariot race, met mer folk, and various sea creatures, and even danced at an underwater dance club!

I started to feel the effects wear off and made up to the top just in time. Barnacle Bob tried his best to sell me more. I think he is use to repeat customers.

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