Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The mermaid life

Life under the sea is amazing! While down there I met some amazing sea creatures, not just mermaids either. There are great vast type of sea creatures. Also there is a huge community of mermaids, mermen and sea creatures in SL, not just the Blake deep.

As for what did down there. I danced, raced under water chariots, explored long forgotten ship wrecks. It was an amazing that I wish to take part more in. I actually hope to do some in depth posts on becoming a mermaid and joining the mermaid community.

But as Christmas is coming I have been sent to learn about the Christmas sims that are now in SL.  Stay tuned for my Christmas posts.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Mermaid me

Once I heard of the magical places under the sea. I knew I had to visit. So I went to Barnacle Bobs to rent some diving equipment. But Barnacle Bob had a better idea. He said he had a potion to temporarily turn me into a mermaid. He warned that it was addictive.

I took the potion, I didn't expect it to work. But to my amazement it did. The change was very strange feeling. Actually it was a bit painful. But Barnacle Bob assured me those that take it a lot start to enjoy the sensation.

I was surprised my tail matched my bathing suit top. Bob said that some peoples tails change color. I thought that was odd.

My time underwater was amazing. Not only did I explore some amazing places, but I raced in and underwater chariot race, met mer folk, and various sea creatures, and even danced at an underwater dance club!

I started to feel the effects wear off and made up to the top just in time. Barnacle Bob tried his best to sell me more. I think he is use to repeat customers.

you can find my review of this area here

Friday, October 21, 2016

Sailing the Blake sea

My first assignment was to sail the Blake sea, and see what places would be the places for people to visit. The Blake sea is a continent of sims. All of which you can easily sail to. Most of the sims are nautical in nature and many have airports. I was given some money and told to purchase what I needed for my adventure. I decided I would enjoy my travels as much as I could.

I purchased some clothes, an adorable umbrella boat. I know that a pirate outfit and umbrella boat were impractical. But I knew I needed to take fun where I could.

I started at a little island. As I looked out could see various islands and ports. So here I go

To find this little island, click here

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Back to Life

Hello my name is Ashlyn Cazalet. I have been living in the SL world for some time now. I havarve recently started and job as a travel writer. I will be working as a writer and travel guide of sorts. The company works to find out which places are safe for everyone and which ones are well right for a more limited clientele. I have been told I will be given special missions too. My main purpose is to learn about various places on SL.

I will be writing three blogs. Two are travel blogs and the last will be this one. This one will be an account of all my travels and adventures. So this blog may not be for everyone.

One of the blogs will be blog anyone can read. It will a simple travel guide and how to in SL and will cover only mature and general places. That blog is SL charmed.

The last blog is Naughty SL it will be a blog about all the more adult aspects of SL, the places to travel etc.

Hope you enjoy my work, and see you soon.